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At Poyntz Consulting we have a depth of experience gained in product research, development and registration with major agrochemical and biocide manufacturing companies.

We can offer a complete range of services, from preparation of individual documents, through to full regulatory project management.

We offer clients a full regulatory service for both European and local member-state registration projects, with a particular specialisation in UK and Ireland.

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Regulatory Project Management

Defining objectives, planning and co-ordinating inputs, liaising between involved groups
Identifying, interpreting and addressing data gaps and requirements
Tracking progress and delivering the finished product

Submissions to regulatory authorities 

Preparing and submitting applications, liaison during evaluation
Zonal authorisations, national authorisations, mutual recognition

Preparation of regulatory submissions
Draft registration reports, core dossiers, national addenda
BPD dossiers, R4BP, IUCLID

Preparation of documents

Risk assessments, biological dossiers, technical equivalence
Labels, safety data sheets, environmental information sheets

Liaison with regulatory authorities

Interfacing between technical specialists and regulators
Developing effective working relationships

Training in the registration of agrochemicals & biocidal products

Introduction to regulatory frameworks and procedures
Advanced training in specific areas

Services can be individually customised to meet clients' specific requirements